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Top 5 reasons you should Learn to Surf!

Now when it comes to surfing, some may say we’re a bit biased but there really are so many reasons why you should learn to surf. However, if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are our top 5 reasons why you should give surfing a go this summer!

* Fitness – Surfing can be a very challenging sport that provides a full body work out. Paddling to catch a wave, popping up and riding waves will work different muscles and it requires core strength and flexibility. As your surfing improves you will find yourself moving from the white water to green waves, this means more paddling! Specifically paddling for longer to get out beyond the breaking waves develops your aerobic fitness and lung capacity. Over time these components of surfing will steadily improve, providing you with greater levels of physical fitness. This in turn can lead to increased confidence, which brings us onto our next reason!

* Confidence – Surfing can help boost confidence massively and exercising in the natural environment can have positive effects on mental health. Connecting with nature and the ocean can help wash away day to day stresses and leave you feeling more refreshed (who wouldn’t want that?!).

We always recommend a lesson or two before you tackle surfing on your own. Understanding the basics is fundamental to making quick progression and becoming a happy, comfortable and knowledgeable surfer. It can also be pretty scary trying something new and unknown. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a pretty big deal and having the confidence to do so, should be commended in itself.

* Community – Through learning to surf a whole new community can open up to you and we can say first hand this community is pretty special. Surfing can provide new friendships, enjoying time with others in the water, having fun, laughing and sharing the ‘stoke’. Newquay is known for being a ‘surf town’ and learning to surf here will automatically introduce you to a range of new people, from the surf schools, surf clubs, hire centres, surf cafes – the surf community will welcome you with open arms.

* Health Benefits – Earlier we highlighted how learning to surf can increase your fitness but in addition to that, getting in the water has LOADS of health benefits too. A few to mention: increased immunity, improved circulation, reduction in stress (winning!) and also, salt water promotes healing.

* Appreciation – Lastly but certainly not least we have ‘appreciation’. Now bare with us, we know it sounds abit rouge but surfing puts us in an environment our bodies aren’t made for (literally). Being in the ocean gives us chance appreciate everythings our body does for us and the physical demand surfing requires. Which brings us on to our next point, when you start learning to surf you realise how difficult it actually is, though well worth it. Some people are ‘naturals’ but for the most of us, it takes a little while to get the hang of it and because of this we have great admiration for those that have mastered it.

Finally it gives us chance to appreciate the ocean and all the little and big creatures it contains. Surfing really does allow us to connect with nature, arguably in a way that no other sport does.


Quiksilver Surf School is a purpose-built surf academy with:

Indoor changing rooms, indoor hot showers and lockers FREE for those on activities

Wetsuits and wetsuit accessories available to hire and included FREE for lessons

Surf boards for all abilities available to hire and FREE for surf lessons

Free parking on Esplanade Road outside the surf school

Fully qualified and experienced instructors

Body boards and stand up paddle boards available to hire

Two of Newquay’s best hotels on our doorstep.

Surfing England Centre of Excellence