September Swells

September is the month surfers wait for. Warm water, consistent swells and thinner crowds. We've had just 1 good swell so far this Autumn but it didn't disappoint. The anticipation was infectious as everyone in the town got ready for the first taste of some real waves before making their annual pilgrimages to more tropical destinations. Work was sacked off, plans cancelled and everyone headed to their favourite spot. Most of the Quiksilver team headed to a long stretch of sand a few miles out of town to get away from the crowds and find a quiet bank to ourselves. All good things must come to an end so they say, and the waves were gone as quick as they had come.

As the peak season draws to a close, plans are being made for winter escapes, and looking further afield to summer 2016 here at the Quiksilver Surf School. Here's some surf inspiration by Quiksilver's main man Dane Reynolds!

Dolores Raw from Marine Layer on Vimeo.

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